The Awakening Has Begun

There is a shift occurring on the planet right now; a shift so revolutionary that most people cannot comprehend what is happening inside them.  They are waking up!   People all around the world are feeling this, as if something inside them has been turned on and they can see clearly now.  They see through the illusions, through the matrix of lies that has kept them living in ignorance and fear and they're done playing that game.  

The herd mentality that guides the masses cannot influence them anymore because they think for themselves now.  As they unplug from the mass consciousness they begin to remember deeper truths about themselves; like who they really are and why they are on the planet. They can no longer be told what to think because they think for themselves. They trust their inner guidance and they know they are here for a reason. 

If you can feel this shift in consciousness unfolding in yourself,  you are one of us!  When our numbers reach the tipping point, this matrix of lies that has disallowed us from remembering will implode and we will be here awake, ready to create a new world.